My Blogging Anniversary!


Today I received the astonishing news that I have been registered with WordPress for 2 years now! My blog is officially 2 years old, and I cannot believe it.

Personally, I have changed and been through a lot in this time, and you can see how my blog has changed with me. I believe that much of my confidence stems from this writing process because it gives me that platform to express myself, and it is so gratifying to see how my little blog grows.

I am about to depart on my next adventure, University, and I am thrilled that this will be alongside me so that I can document my time. Due to this, I’ll be making some creative changes and extending my blog to not only contain books, but to also feature my student life and Public Relations.

I feel that it is important to continuously update your platform, as it is a place that represents you and gives you the freedom to write what you choose. I will be continuing to write the same posts that I have been doing, so I hope that you will stay with me for the next 2 years of my journey!

Thank you.


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