Mental Health Awareness

Yesterday was Mental Health Awareness day, I didn’t get chance to write anything to post on the day but I’m here now.

I’ve got a few favourite quotes that I’d like to post on here. I would love to say that they help me out when I need it, and sometimes they do, but they don’t always. They are nice to look over when I feel like I need some support.

Image result for self care quotesImage result for self care quotesImage result for mental health awareness quotes

For the past few years I’ve been struggling highly with anxiety. In 2016/17 it got to the point at my first Uni where I couldn’t leave the room, and I wasn’t eating or sleeping. I felt so alone and like everyone was judging or hating me; like they all had friends and I was out on my own.

At the moment things are getting better, I am much happier at my second University and have settled in well and made some friends. That’s not to say that everything is perfect though. Ironically, yesterday was a pretty difficult day for me because I started having a mini breakdown in a workshop.

But anyway, enough about me. I just want to let everyone know that I am here for anyone, if and when they need me. It doesn’t matter whether we’ve spoken before or not, sometimes it’s easier to speak to a complete stranger about your feelings and have someone there for you.

I am slowly getting into the process of being able to recognise my anxiety, to not be ashamed of it, and be able to talk about it. When I get a bit better I would love to write some blog posts about my tips and experiences.


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