Dumplin’ Film Review

I loved every second of this film. The acting was great and really brought to life every character, and you could clearly see the progression that they all made throughout.

The use of music was especially clever to highlight key moments, and the use of certain Dolly Parton songs to resonate with feelings – both with the characters and the audience.

Willowdean made fantastic progression in the movie – clearly moving from her previous judgemental thoughts of the beauty contests and embracing herself and others. In this, it was a really lovely story that hit the spot in so many ways.

In this day and age, with girls learning to embrace their differences and their body shapes – this summed up the tumultuous feelings a girl goes through to fully feel comfortable with herself. Including having Bex Taylor-Klaus in the cast, who is non-binary, and multiple drag acts in the film – created an inclusive and welcoming film. It brought young chick flicks fully into the 21st Century – it was funny, empowering, emotional, transformative and had a great overarching story.

I teared up at multiple moments in the film, genuinely because I felt so connected to the characters and because it was so empowering that I felt included. I laughed and I cried, and I wanted to watch it all over again.

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