Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix

I have been looking forward to reading this ever since it was published, and I eventually got my hands on a copy. I fell in love with the first book so much, because of the creative writing and wonderful characters. This book just cemented how much I love Julie’s writing, I think she’s an incredible writer and one of my favourites.

The characters in this book were just as creative and interesting, as the first. Jade especially was a great heroine, she was humble, kind and fighting to find her confidence throughout. It was so refreshing to have a young girl who couldn’t believe what her destiny was – and even though she doubted herself, and others felt the same, she fought every moment to start believing in herself. It made the story so powerful! She made it so interesting to read, and had a lovely personality that shone through.

Wren was also one of my favourites, her kickass, sarcastic attitude was so funny. I had high hopes that she was going to be the one that would end up with Jade, as I loved reading about their interaction and chemistry at the beginning. Although I grew to love their sister bond, there’s still a part of me that can’t stop shipping them.

Having fairytales linked within the narrative was really fun to read too and the whole quest theme is one of my favourites. The progression of the characters and the structure of the novel, was perfect.

I did miss seeing Xifeng in more detail – her presence in the last book was what made it one of my all-time favourites. Every time we got a brief snippet of her character though, it was clear how much she had changed and it was fitting to see her story come to a close with Jade’s.

Overall, the two books made a beautiful, exquisite retelling of the Evil Queen and Snow White. Julie is so talented in rebuilding the world, and creating a magic quest – her writing is amazing. It’s one of my absolute favourite books and I enjoyed every single moment of reading it.

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