Evermore, by Sara Holland

I had been really looking forward to this, because I absolutely loved Everless and thought it was ingenious and really lovely writing. I did see some of the reviews though, which dampened my hopes slightly because some didn’t like the narrative.

I loved being sucked into the fantasy world again, this book was full of much more world building and made it really interesting. I enjoy reading books like that, because I feel much more immersed into the story and connected to the characters. Jules had a slight transformation in her characterisation, which meant that you could see her becoming more confident and assured in herself.

The only problem I had with the story, was how slow the narrative went at times. It felt that there was no rise and decline to the story, it was all at the same flat rate. As the book was short enough, it didn’t feel too noticeable but if it had been longer it would have dragged on.

Overall, I thought the story was enjoyable and the romance that blossomed was really sweet and beautiful. I flew through the narrative, the writing is really perfect – simple, but really effective and pleasing. The ending was suitable to the story, and changed the way I ever thought about how villain/hero stories could end. Perhaps it was a little disappointing because of the pace and how quickly it seemed to be over, but I thought it was fitting.

I wanted to give it 3.5 stars, but would round up to 4 rather than down. I have a soft spot in my heart for these stories, because of how unique they are – the sci-fi, fantasy feel and the way they make me feel.

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