Prague 2019

From Monday the 4th of March, to Friday the 8th, I enjoyed a quick City break to the pretty capital Prague.

Tuesday 5th March

  • Basilica of St. George
  • Daliborka Tower
  • Golden Lane
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Strahov Monastery
  • Petrin Hill

This day was definitely my favourite out of the holiday, because we managed to get a lot done and the Castle District in Prague is beautiful. The Cathedral was so stunning inside – really majestic and the stained glass windows looked amazing in the sunshine.
We managed to find a pretty little cafe as well, that sat on the top of the castle district and had an amazing view over the City. We were really surprised to find it – but quickly realised it was the sort of City where you found cute places hidden away.
We also had a really fun time in a mirror maze, which was totally worth it – not a massive tourist attraction obviously, but we blew off some steam by having a giggle.

Wednesday 6th March

  • Astronomical clock
  • Catholic Church
  • Charles Bridge
  • Shopping Centres

The Charles Bridge was beautiful! I loved how pretty the City looked from each side of the bridge, and how from every angle you can get such a good photo.
The clock was really pretty as well to look at, and so was the square around it. We managed to go inside some of the Churches and have a walk around exploring. This inevitably led to me doing some clothes shopping, and taking in the atmosphere of the City.
Sometimes it really is nice to just have a wander around the streets of a visiting City, and feel like a local – hoping to stumble across any secret little boutiques or cafes.

Thursday 7th March

  • Charles Bridge – Chimney Cake
  • Shopping
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Old Town Hall

Today was our last full day in the City and we had covered pretty much everywhere we wanted to go. So we took this opportunity to go back over the City and create our very own hop on, hop off bus journey – but on the tram.
We went back over the bridge to try some of the delicacies – I really enjoyed the sweetness of the Chimney cake. We also stopped by the clock again to watch the apostles come out around on the hour.
We then went into the Old Town Hall, which was one of my highlights, because we were able to go up the clock tower and have the most incredible view over the City.

Overall, it is probably at the bottom of the list of Cities that I have visited. That’s not to say that it wasn’t beautiful and had some of the best attractions that I’ve visited. But I did not feel connected to the City like I did to others – such as Rome or Paris. It also did not feel like a City that I would need to visit again, once you’ve seen everything.

I would recommend the City to visit for a short weekend – it has a perfect amount of things to do for a couple of days, and it is a lovely change of scenery for a holiday.

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