Captain Marvel does not need to prove anything, to anyone.

From her introduction movie, we can tell she is going to be one of Marvel’s greats.

Marvel Studios

We are first introduced to her as “Vers”, and quickly learn that 6 years ago she lost all memory of her life before – apart from some convenient nightmares that persist. While for some, a story-line based on someone piecing their life back together while trying to figure out who they are, is a bit of a cliche – Marvel manage to pull it off with superb acting and chemistry.

As an introduction movie, it does everything it needs to do. We see Carol’s transition as she steadily gains confidence within herself and grows to control her powers – as well as learning about how she gained them, and looking into her backstory. At times it means that the story is slow and the scripting a little heavy, but the occasional Marvel humour is still present – especially when you remember that the setting is in the 90s, so it’s great to see shops like Blockbusters, and jokes based around the speed of a computer loading.

The fight scenes came quick and heavy, although it felt like Marvel were holding one arm behind their back, as stunts were not as elaborate as we’ve been treated to before. We still got to see Carol Danvers showing us what she has to offer, and inevitably build up anticipation for Avengers: Endgame. Thanos beware.

The actress herself, Brie Larson, wonderfully creates herself into the role – adding a little bit of vulnerability to her strong and witty persona. The last scene for her is a huge win for all females watching, and a powerful reminder that we do not need to prove anything to anyone; as long as we believe in ourselves.

There are ties to the Avenger films and some history wrapped up neatly for us, but the ties remain loose until we see it all put together in Endgame. Her interaction with Fury was one of the highlights of this movie, as their easy chemistry made for great viewing, so it will be interesting to see how her charisma rubs off on the other MCU characters.

Captain Marvel was a simple introduction film, but by no means boring or unnecessary. The scripting could have done with lightening at times, and the cinematography was not as great as previous Marvel films – especially when you consider how many planets we visit throughout the film. However, the acting was stellar, the message was clear and it was an enjoyable watch.

4/5 Stars.

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