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Technically, I’m not a book blog newbie – but, this is a completely new site that I have started up and I’m doing the whole process from scratch!

1.Why did you start this blog?

I started this new blog because I felt that my old one was getting a little cluttered and I didn’t like the theme that much. I wanted a lovely fresh start, with a site that was aesthetically pleasing to me because it represented who I am! I love blogging and I wanted to start taking it more seriously.

2. What are some fun and unique things you can bring to blogging?

This is such a hard question to answer! I just hope that people like my book reviews, because I do work really hard on my posts!

3. What are you most excited for about this blog?

This is the first time that I’ve decided to take blogging seriously, so I can’t wait to make all of my own graphics and upload new type of posts. I really want to interact more with the book blogging community, and be a part of the online group.

4. Why do you love reading?

I love reading because it’s something that I have always done, ever since I was little. For me, it’s all about escapism – I love reading about completely different places and connecting with the characters that I read about. It’s such a lovely way to spend time, and to relax.

5. What book or series got you into reading?

When I was little I loved the Roald Dahl books, they were so mischievous and witty for me. Then when I was older, the twilight series was what got me into reading books seriously. It reignited my love for reading, and meant that I carried on in my teenage years.

6. What questions would you ask your favourite authors?

I’d ask them if their lives are as glamorous as I think they are! It must be nice to just write, get money for it and have popularity among readers. But, maybe it’s not as nice and relaxing as I think.

7. What challenges that come with starting a blog, do you think will be the hardest to overcome?

This blog is the first time that I’ve paid for my own handle, and wish to build up the blog to a higher standard. So I’m a little worried that I won’t be able make the cost worth it, or that my perfectionism will get the better of me.

8. When did you start reading?

I’m pretty sure this would have been when I was little, I’ve always loved it.

9. Where do I read?

At home mostly, tucked up in bed. I always try and remember to take a book out with me so I can read on the go, but I always forget! I loved to read out and about, and really need to start going out more to coffee shops by myself like I used to.

10. What kind of books do you like to read?

I read everything apart from Horror, I love classics and crime books. Most recently I’ve been really into fantasy YA books, but really I can never make my mind up and like to switch between genres.

Thank you for reading! I’ve got a few book reviews lined up, so can’t wait to get them posted.

-Personally, Emma

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