A Darker Shade of Magic

I picked this up initially because of a group buddy read, that eventually petered out and we never got around to speaking about the book once everyone had finished. But in the end, I am glad that I decided to buy it and read it impulsively.

Fantasy books have long been a favourite of mine, and this story helped remind me why I find them so worthwhile to read. They are immensely interesting to read because of the magic and world building that is required. This ticked all of the boxes: new language, multiple worlds, magic and power dynamics.

I absolutely loved the world building, and the creativeness behind the London’s – the actual idea behind the story of magic and the different worlds being closed off was so well written. It had the potential to be a confusing plot with 4 different London’s, that could have had muddled descriptions and not kept their singularity – this was not the case, however. They were all really well written and described.

The storyline was really detailed and precise, you know where you were being led – but there were a few surprises thrown in. It meant that readers were hooked and invested in keeping along with the story and the characters. This is all down to the superb writing talent of Victoria, who is able to write an immensely detailed narrative that comprises all of the necessary detail, characterisation and plot – without it coming across as too heavy or unreadable.

Not only the world building was impressive though, the characters and the way that they developed with the story, was one of the best features of the book. I loved going through the adventures with Lila, and how her and Kell interacted and got closer during the story. You ended up rooting for some characters and waiting around for them to get the justice they deserved – however, there are some side characters that I wish had gotten a little more time and work on. Although I loved the focus on the main characters and the impulse to be connected to them, I wish that other characters weren’t simply picked up and dropped – but had more of a solid base in the story.

On Goodreads I gave this 4 stars – I thought it was superbly written but just personally, I felt that it had missed something. I will be continuing this series and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

-Personally, Emma.

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