Oxfam Lincoln Bookshop

For two years now I have been a regular volunteer at the Oxfam Bookshop in my little town of Lincoln. Once I started at the University of Lincoln undertaking my Public Relations degree, I wanted to take my volunteering up a step. When I gained experience making videos and doing interviewing, I knew that I could use this to help out at the charity shop while also doing my assignments.

My pitch was to focus on the upcoming Volunteers’ Week, and use the voice of current volunteers and managers to encourage others to take up the mantel. My assignment brief was to create a 1:30″ video, a maximum of 3:00″ audio interview and some blog pieces to go with it.

For the video interview, I chose to interview a regular volunteer at the shop while including clips of volunteering over the top.

My video assignment

This assignment also required an audio interview, and I chose to talk to one of the managers of the store to acquire a different perspective and gain a separate insight into what makes volunteers so special.

Audio interview

For this assignment I gained a first, which I was especially pleased with because it was my last assignment of first year.

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