Lincolnshire Show

I spent two days at the Lincolnshire Show – on Wednesday 19th June and Thursday 20th June. My role there was to be an on location reporter for Siren FM and to handle the Show’s official twitter page.

This was my first day going on location for Siren FM, so I was feeling quite nervous but excited to experience that lifestyle upfront. We had some lovely interviewees when we had a stroll around in the morning to miss the crowds – people like Craig, a balloon artist who made the Incredible Hulk. We also spoke to Hawkmoon Crafts, Peter Hallam a woodturner, D&H Homemade Bakes, Direct Beers and Toby’s Moonshine Gin.

I did suffer some challenges from the day, including the signal and WiFi which were patchy throughout the day and made it quite hard to post and interact online. It wasn’t really something I could try and combat, apart from make sure that I had plenty of photos ready and tweets lined up for when I did get some signal. Alternatively, I took that opportunity to capture some more interviews.

The second day I went in to it feeling more confident and prepared for the day, I knew what to expect from using the twitter account – especially how to interact with the stall holders online and make sure I support them with the platform.

From the event itself I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Shetland Pony racing, looking at the vintage cars and tractors, and trying delicacies from local bakeries.

By working over these two days I learnt some really valuable skills. Being an on location reporter is different to in studio, because I had to think on my feet with the questions and make sure that my body language encouraged people to open up. I’ve also never used twitter for an event this big before – so while it was intimidating, it was an extremely good opportunity for me.

I loved the experience overall and getting the opportunity to work with the press team at one of the biggest events near me.

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