Integrated Communications

This was one of my favourite modules that I studied during my first year at University, this assignment included below was half of what I was set to do for the module. I recieved a first for this, and was proud of it for many reasons. I loved that we got to do a full marketing day, where we were sectioned into groups and learnt how to spend the day writing a full marketing pitch and then presenting it.

I learnt how to create ideas as a group and have an effective conversation and communication, with the plan to help each other and create a plan to help with our assignments.

Below, you can see the Marketing Pitch that I wrote going forward from this day.

Integrated Communications Module – awarded a first for the assessment.

Marketing Brief:


The product that is set for launch on the 5th of January 2020, is the healthy alternative energy drink, called Vitagen. As the Energy Drink Market is expected to reach $72 billion in 2024, it is proving itself to be a fast moving, and financially stable market – making it the perfect time to launch a new product.

The main competitors we will face are big well-known brands, such as Monster, Red Bull and for the health benefits we offer, Berocca. In order to stand out from these companies, we will be focusing our campaign structure around the health benefits the drink rewards – thus centring the campaign around the differences our drink offers.


Our launch date is the 5th of January, as it is exactly 12 days after Christmas and is when people are thinking about dieting and getting into their new year’s resolutions. Making this an ideal time to launch our product that is healthy conscious and will help people regain their energy going to work after the Christmas break.

It will be sold at £1.45 at supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys. It will be sold effectively on the shelves through using the design of the can to stand out and attract potential customers; including using point of sale at the start of the campaign.

Key Objectives:

Numerically, our key objective is to sell 1 billion cans of Vitagen in its opening trade year. We also want to raise awareness of the brand and tackle the negative connotations that are around energy drinks. To do this, one of our key messages will be centred around the ginseng that is included in the drink – which has been proven to stimulate physical and mental activity when people are feeling tired. We want to use this to promote a healthy lifestyle alongside the drink, by encouraging more women to get involved with sports.

Target Audience:

As our product stands out from the others currently in the energy drink market, our audience is also going to differ. While brands like Red Bull focus on the male population by sponsoring car races (typically seen as a male sport) and retaining a male image in their adverts, we will be leaning towards the female population.

Our customer profile:

  • Primarily women aged 18-30
  • Gym goers, Yoga and other female orientated sports or fitness
  • Healthy eaters
  • Concerned about what their drink contains
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • People who usually look for the organic options
  • Middle to Upper class, more willing to spend money on our brand
  • Lead busy lives – need the energy to keep them going
  • Users of Instagram and Twitter

Key Messages:

One of our key messages will be associated around the health benefits of the drink, and the ethical nature of the product itself. The caffeine will be Fairtrade sourced and the can will be recyclable. The health benefits that we will focus on will be the small amount of caffeine included, and less carbs and sugars.

Another key message will be centred around our partnership with Zanna Van Dijk, who is an Instagram celebrity due to her posts about health and her role within the Girl Power Movement. Having a woman who fits our target audience demographic, gives us that celebrity endorsement to appeal to women who want to be like Zanna. She has over 70, 000 followers on her channels, and runs her own podcast meant to motivate and inspire women to be active and healthy. This creative introduction will give us the social leader in the two-step flow theory, as she has followers that we can have immediate access to.

Media Channels:

Our integrated marketing campaign will span across the whole network of media channels available, to ensure that we reach our target audience and boost sales. The gantt chart at the end of the brief details the exact plan of the campaign.

The core pieces that will play a big role in the campaign are the tv advertisements, the PR day and the collaboration with Zanna.

Using television advertisements is a quick way to appeal to our customer base. As we are aiming towards females who lead busy lives and have important jobs – the adverts need to be broadcast at a time they will be available to watch it. Such as, during the ad breaks on Good Morning Britain and other similar breakfast shows – in the time before they go to work. Or run in the evenings and at weekends, after female orientated television shows.

An idea for the first television advert is centred around a woman who goes for a morning yoga session and leaves the workout room drained and exhausted but must get ready to go to work for her business meeting. The woman is then shown to drink Vitagen and has an immediate energy boost when she walks into the business room for her meeting. The advert effectively shows exactly the type of person we are aiming the product at, while linking to our core messages – maintaining a healthy lifestyle and encouraging women to get into sports. This creative element is intended to encourage women to connect to a woman with a similar personality to them, or to show them what they could aspire to be like.

The PR day will be held on the 5th February as that is the National Women and Girls in Sports Day and will include a chance for women to try out new sports and meet famous sportswomen. It will be held in London and tickets will be available to buy or win from buying the product, merchandise will also be available to buy on the day – such as gym wear and water bottles. The day will ultimately coincide with a national holiday to gain us some awareness and stick to our key messages, it will also be the perfect time to introduce Zanna as our ambassador who will attend the day.

The campaign will also include magazine interviews, talk show appearances, social media, online videos and billboards. The core message will be spread around different channels that our target audience typically use, and to also create a well-known image of ourselves as being women’s health ambassadors.

The elements of the campaign will all follow on from each other, and link together due to the heavy branding that will be used and the website and social media links that will be shown on all of them. Having an ambassador for the product also means that the channels will be integrated though using her repeatedly in them all, and we can focus on maintaining our brand personality.

Other University assignments that I have been proud of, are available to view on my Portfolio.

Thank you, – Personally, Emma

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