Christmas at Oxfam

In 2018, after joining the Oxfam team at Cygnet PR, I became the liasion between James, the Store Manager of Oxfam Lincoln Bookshop, and the team back at University. This meant that when it came to creating a marketing plan for the Christmas build-up on social media, I sat down with James and strategised what he would like to see.

He wanted instagram photos based on brown paper and stars, to create a rustic and Christmassy feel to the posts. Over the next couple of weeks I designed and took the photos, running them by James, and created an online plan for myself so I knew when to schedule and post them.

Using the social media over the christmas gave me great experience in how to lead up to an event, and get people involved, plus learn what most target audience members like to view. This information I then took forward to become Oxfam Lincoln Bookshop’s event planner, and a regular updater on social media.

Below are some of my best recieved pieces on Instagram.

For more information on what I’ve done with Cygnet PR or Oxfam, check out the tags.

-Personally, Emma

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