Recent Viewings

I suddenly realised that there has been a hell of a lot of shows that I have watched recently, and keep saying that I will write my views on them – and then never do. So this is a post to wrap up on some of the shows I’ve recently finished.

Jessica Jones Season three:

What a rollercoaster!! I actually really enjoyed this season of Jessica Jones, I thought it challenged a lot of moral conceptions around heros and vigilantes which made it really interesting to watch. It was heartbreaking to have my favourite characters go through so much trauma and ultimately have no perfect way out of the situation Trish had created. Of course I was gutted because Trish was my absolute favourite, the one I always looked forward to seeing because I loved her interactions with Jess. So it was extremely saddening to see them falling apart and watch how the character of Trish changed without her even realising – I wish more than anything her and Jess could have had a proper goodbye and resolved their differences.

Jessica Jones has always been one of my favourite marvel shows, or any show in general, because of the acting and the creativity behind maintaining Jessica’s New York. I am gutted that it is over, because I would love to see more as she becomes more secure within her position as PI and hero. It’s a series that I will be re-watching from time to time because I loved it that much.

New Girl, final season

As fun as the other seasons of new girl were, I wasn’t a massive fan of this one. I think it was partly because I didn’t know what the point of it was. It was only 10 episodes which makes it the shortest season, and I felt no attachment to the stories – while it was nice to know how they were getting on after the 5 year gap, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. For me, it was pointless and a little bit boring. Acting was still stellar though.

Stranger Things season three

This was definitely one of my favourite seasons I’ve watched of anything! My favourite from Stranger Things, I liked the natural pairings of the groups and the new characters that were introduced. In particular I loved Max and El, and how important it was for her to have a girl best friend to help her find herself and be her own person.

The plot was so good, even though there was about three different things going on at the same time and it could have got confusing – it didn’t and eventually they all blended together perfectly. It meant that we as a viewer, were trying to put everything together as we watched and find out what was happening in Hawkins.

I wrote about this previously, but a controversial opinion from myself was that I didn’t mind that Noah took a backseat as Will because even though he is a tremendous actor and did amazing in the first two seasons – I liked that the other young actors got to stand out and have more prominent storylines. So Sadie really got to shine as Max, and I loved the heavier characterisation of Dustin.

The ending really broke my heart, and I was sobbing for quite a while afterwards. It was a great cliffhanger, and even though it hurts and I want to know what the credits scene meant – I am happy to wait and hope the fourth season is just as amazing.

Have you seen these, what did you think?

-Personally, Emma

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