This week’s Siren Radio shows are as follows:


This afternoon myself, Fergus, Alex and Robin spoke to a variety of guests with a recurring theme of celebrating the anniversary of Apollo 11. We connected with author Courtney Cannon, Student vet Zoe Jamison, writer/producer Arthur Weingarten, Larry Nemecek, and wrapping up with Randy Reinholz.

The Midweek Drive


The next morning edition featured the same people in the studio, and spoke to regulars such as Gabriella Peralta, Richard Fitzwilliams, Ian Lennox. We also touched base with Chloey Rose, Will Mellor, Jane Gerrard, Gareth Redmond, Lucy Alexander, Scott Darroch and Laverne Antrobus. Movies, Spanish Summer seasons, jobs and happiness, eco-friendly activities, gas appliance safety and the power of television as an influencer – were all covered in the show.

Midweek Drive Morning Edition


This piece was three back to back interviews with media makers Paul Atherton and Sabine Hellman followed by Professor Susan Philips, and myself – talking about the Representing Homelessness Conference at the University of Lincoln.

Representing Homelessness

-Personally, Emma

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