Top 5 things to do over the summer

When you’ve finished University, sixth form or school for the summer, it can be a really strange situation – you’re used to having a strong routine and being busy pretty much all of the time. And now you have so much free time, and while it’s tempting to do completely nothing – if you’re anything like me, you’ll just get completely bored after a while. So I’ve compiled a list of things that everyone should maybe think about doing over the summer.


I was unsure about taking up volunteering, but when I began at Oxfam I never looked back. The community feel that you gain from working alongside other people, from all ages, genders, backgrounds is just like nothing else. I have met so many fantastic people that I would never get the chance to talk to normally – and I’ve learnt so much from them. Not only that, but my confidence has increased massively – I used to be so shy going into the shop and now I look forward to it immensely. I can’t recommend going volunteering enough – it boosts your self-esteem, confidence, life skills, experience and it can open so many opportunities up.

Work Experience

I have been fortunate enough to gain some invaluable work experience over this summer and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. Any kind of summer work is good, but if you know what you want to do in the future – try to angle it towards that. It’s also a good chance to earn a little bit of money over the couple of months or just do something that you enjoy – always follow your interests, or you’ll be spending your time over the summer in a way that is not beneficial.


Now is a really good chance to get out there and meet more people! You can do this alongside work experience, make sure you leave a good impression on the people who hired you so that they consider you again in the future. Look at your social media accounts, employers really do look at these now when considering you for a job, and consider setting up a LinkedIn account. I am new to that networking page, but already it has worked with connecting me with people that can further my education and experience. Look at career events near you, or workshops that your University may be holding to help you gain some extra credits to put on your CV.


I am a book blogger, so obviously I’m going to mention reading. But I honestly think it’s a really effective way to spend your time, and it can be really helpful with developing writing skills and all round education. I’m not just on about reading for pleasure though – as fun as that is – but also doing some non-fiction reading that is geared towards your topic at University or school. It’s a great time to get some background information and tick off some books that teachers or tutors have recommended to you – I’ve found that it sometimes helps me remember things that I’ve been taught or give me insight into something I will be taught come September.


I am biased, so I will be speaking highly of the positives you gain from blogging. But it is true! Setting up a blog gives you the confidence to promote yourself to an audience, and it is invaluable practice at writing, spelling and grammar. I’ve found that I’ve managed to find my own voice while I’ve been blogging and it’s great to get into the routine of writing. It can also look really good on your CV to make you stand out because it’s something different, and you can gear it towards your own interests and likes! Mine started out as purely books and movies and then it quickly adapted. I love seeing blogs as a representation of people’s personalities!

I hope that these little thoughts are helpful when it comes to making decisions on what to do over the summer. At the end of the day, as long as you enjoy your summer and feel refreshed and ready for the next year ahead – you’ve had a really successful summer.

-Personally, Emma

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