Sweeter than life

So I went AWOL for a bit again, but I have a completely legitimate reason! I went to Birmingham to see the fantastic Ariana Grande live in concert, and had the most amazing time, shortly after I went to London to see Bea Miller.

Me and my friend had Golden Circle tickets, which meant that we were closer than General Standing and had a pretty good view of the stage. After only queueing for an hour before doors opened, we weren’t banking on getting close to the stage so we were heavily surprised when we ended up being second row from the barrier. Still, we tried to not get our hopes up as the stage was pretty high and we didn’t think we’d see much at all.

To our very evident delight, we had a great view – while there were times that we lost Ari, she soon moved about and several times walked past or stopped right in front of us. I spent the whole time in so much awe of how close I was to someone who I have admired for such a long time.


Ariana is definitely someone worth seeing in concert because of her stellar talent, not only does she sound exactly like she does when listening at home – but her vocals and high notes are even more impressive. I can’t believe that someone so tiny holds such impressive lungs.

The way that she commandeered the stage and held everyone’s attention, proves just how much stage presence she has and how much she belongs up there. Everyone was so rapt to her movements and soaking up her every song – which is what makes concerts so special, because everyone is united in their love for the artist.

I have to mention the dancers, because they were so talented! I loved the fire, sass and attitude that came across with every routine they were a part of. They clearly loved being up on the stage, and I loved watching them perform and supporting Ari by putting on an incredible show.

Another thing I really loved about the whole concert, was the visuals. The moon that came down for NASA was beautiful, and the whole light show that went with it was perfect for the song, and made for some really pretty photos. The rainbows and other patterns that were used were so colourful and lit up the stage, in general they just add to the meanings of songs and add another dimension to the show.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on, was that she disappeared about 2 times to make an outfit change which I found a little unnecessary. We appeared to be left with a pre-record or song played while we waited for her to come back, and while the lights, band and visuals made it appear like the show was still running – it felt like it had stopped until she came back.

Favourite songs:

I loved it when Dangerous Woman and Into You were played, because what throwbacks are they? And I never thought I would get to hear her play them, so I was over the moon to be able to dance along to those songs.

Out of her most recent music, I especially liked Break up with Your Girlfriend, because of the dance routine that accompanied it and the fact that it led to her walking past me for the first time in the show. I also loved Fake Smile, because that song means a lot to me, and Thank u Next because it was extremely iconic.

Next time?

I don’t know if I’ll see Ari again, I would love to because I had so much fun at her concert and I didn’t think I would get that blown away from seeing her – I guess I didn’t realise how much her and her music meant to me. The only thing is, the tickets were very expensive to get that close to her – which is why I’m grateful that my Dad paid for me to go for my Christmas present. I’d pay to have seated but it would be hard to go from such an amazing experience, to being quite far back. But you never know!

-Personally, Emma

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