Doddington Hall

The second part of my work experience over the summer, was the opportunity to be the PR intern at Doddington Hall. This was a thoroughly rewarding way to spend my summer, that I gained a lot from. Over the summer it was hosting its Summer of Ceramics which I was hired to build interest and support.

How did the work experience come about?

I saw the job application on my University careers page and sent off my CV and a cover letter to Lynsey, the Marketing Manager, who got back to me and offered me an interview. The interview went really well and I was asked what hours I could do, when I could start etc. I recieved a call back a few days later, asking if I would accept the position of PR intern over the summer, and of course I gladly accepted!

What responsibilities did I have?

  • Social media – I was given access to all of the social media handles, and created drafts for pieces that wanted going up over the course of the summer. This included taking photos of artists and promoting events that were happening.
  • Website – I lent a hand to Lynsey in creating the website for the Summer of Ceramics, by writing the pages that needed going up and locating/ taking pictures for the gallery.
  • Journalists – This was the first time I was asked to contact Journalists ever, which was extremely daunting but I gave it a go and I’m now more confident with doing it. I extended invitations to newspapers for exclusive viewings of the exhibition or article opportunities during the summer.
  • Leaflet distribution – I contacted several arts galleries in Lincoln to request that they stock some of our leaflets over the summer to promote the Summer of Ceramics. After making the calls, I then weighed, posted the material to them.
  • Photography – Over the course of some of the events at the Hall, I took photos for press opportunties and for the Hall’s future use. This included getting press permission from families and people in the photos.
  • Events – I generally helped out during some of the events, by being on hand to make sure artists had all they needed, taking photos or getting hands on with running some art stalls.

What did I learn?

I learnt an extreme amount of new things from under Lynsey’s guidance. She showed me in depth how to use MailChimp, as well as other software for resizing photos or getting professional stock photos off the internet.

I learnt how to lconverse with journalists and be persuasive to get our stories out in the press.

Helping out at a large scale event over the summer, meant that I saw how much went into the prep before hand, and how much was required to build up hype. I learnt about online listings, and how to get featured on them and how to target your intended audience.

The experience:

Overall, I had the best summer helping out at the festival. I was treated like one of the team, given real responsibilities and trust, and thrown in at the deep end. I learnt how different it is to work in-house and part of a historical site. I loved working for such a beautiful place, that connected my love of history with my desire to work in PR. I also loved that at every opportunity I was given support and advice, as well as little tips of the trade.

– Personally, Emma

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