Shooting Star PR

Over the summer of 2019 I had the privelege to undertake two opportunties within the world of PR – the first being a week work experience with Shooting Star.

Shooting Star are a PR and Marketing company based in Lincoln, but with new offices in Newark, who have just celebrated their 13th year of running. They currently have a ride range of clients and ambitious planning to expand their company.

How did the work experience come about?

I first connected with Jez, one of the Directors of the company, on LinkedIn. There he started the conversation by opening up the possibility of working with them for a week, I expressed interest and sent over my CV. A couple months later I saw that Jez was going to be at my University for a careers festival where he was holding one-on-one conversations, so I booked my place and prepared to meet in person. The meeting went extremely well with us selecting a week for me to go to Shooting Star, and begin my experience portfolio.

What responsibilities did I have?

Working at Shooting Star, I was given a whole range of roles to carry out and responsibilities given.

  • Writing Press Releases – Having only written them for a year while at University, it was extremely daunting to have to write them for real-life clients and have them looked over by a Director of a company. It was therefore, really rewarding to hear back that they were of good quality, and impressive material to come from a first-year.
  • I wrote a couple of editorials for a amagazine on behalf of a client who hold a quarter page with updates from the school.
  • I used MailChimp to design an invitation to an opening of a new residential area, by using a current template but updating information and having a go at designing a feedback form.

What did I learn?

Over the course of the week, I got to sit in on the various meetings that they held. This was rewarding because I got to see how an office functioned, as well as the many roles that there are within a PR company.

I was shown how to use different softwares that I hadn’t used before, like MailChimp – which put me in great stead for starting my second year at University.

I learnt how to write professional sounding Press Releases by listening to my feedback and applying it to my future writings.

I was also fortunate enough to recieve talks from some of the staff about their roles and experiences in the industry, particularly the one from Sam who is the Digital Marketer, becasue I have always struggled with the digital side of things.

The experience:

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first time within a PR office and seeing how it is run and what services are offered to clients. I was fortunate enough to get along really well with the team, who were friendly and always open to questions. By the end of the week, I didn’t want to leave because I’d got a real taste of real-life working in the industry that I want.

-Personally, Emma

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