Why reading in the autumn is so much better

1. The cosy blankets.
I think I have a slight addiction to wrapping myself up in a thick blanket and snuggling down to read a book in the warmth. (It’s even better when it’s currently raining outside.)

2. The hot drinks.
I know that this is something you can do in the summer as well, but it never feels quite the same. When you really need it to warm yourself up and cradle in your hands while you’re reading, that’s the stuff.

3. Sitting by a fire.
I don’t have the privilege of doing this at my Dad’s but when I go to my Mum’s, they have a log burner which is just perfect for those cold blustery nights and it makes reading feel all that much cosier.

4. The autumnal instagram feeds.
I’m not very good at creating feeds to match the current season, but I love looking at everyone else’s attempts to create a perfect theme. Extra points if it has leaves and coppery tones.

5. Escapism
So I’ve pretty much covered this in some of the other ones, but it is so much easier to fall completely into a book and lose your place in the world, when it’s dark and raining outside and you can feel like the only person in the world.

Those are my top 5 reasons why, has anyone got any to add?

-Personally, Emma

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