Lincoln Book Festival

It’s no surprise to anyone on here that I’m a massive fan of books. So when I got asked to represent Cygnet PR by doing some social media work for the Lincoln Book Festival, I was over the moon. The festival lasted for one week and focused on the theme ‘Victoria’.

How did the work experience come about?

I was approached by my tutor who personally recommended me to one of the event organisers. I emailed to introduce myself and arrange a meeting, where we went over the briefing and I brought some fellow PR students to fill out a rota.

What were the responsibilities?

  • I was given the social media handles, and throughout the events I tweeted regularly and posted on Facebook. The posts ranged from live quotes, video streams and photos to reminders of following events and introducing the authors.
  • After the events I was asked to write up a few hundred words on a couple of the events I attended to put on the Lincoln Book Festival blog. I wrote one on crime writing, and the other on romance.

What did I learn?

  • This was one of the first occasions where I have had to meet a potential client, that I hadn’t met before and go through a briefing on what they wanted. I was able to hold myself in a professional manner and represent our student led PR agency.
  • I learnt how difficult it is to capture the essence of what is happening at an event through social media, as it was hard to keep up with the talks and write up the interesting quotes as they were being said.

-Personally, Emma

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