Eve of Man, by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

Book Review

Book: Eve of Man
Authors: Giovanna and Tom Fletcher
Year: 2018
Pages: 400

I really wanted to read this when I read the premise, and after I heard the announcement that the married couple were writing together – so exciting. I’ve loved Gi for a long time and her novels, so I was looking forward to reading something a bit different from her.

I wasn’t exactly over the moon with it, it was a really interesting book, but I didn’t click with the writing completely. My favourite thing about the novel, was the setting and narrative. I loved the idea of there being one girl who was destined to save the dystopian world but with everything not being as it seemed – a big conspiracy was hiding underneath everything. The world building could have been better, there wasn’t really that much focus at the start – I suppose because they were keeping us in the dark like Eve. I do wish that we could have had a bit more dystopian themes coming through in the writing.

The writing was a good quality for two people writing together, and I was really pleased with how the story seemed to flow and I could keep picking it up easily. The chapters were also quite short which is something I’ve grown to appreciate. The only thing is, I found it quite hard to distinguish between the chapters when we were reading from Eve or Bram’s position – there were no different angles to look at it from, so it could have done with different writing styles to truly distinguish between the two.

I really liked the blossoming romance, of course it was extremely predictable and you knew how the story was going to go, but it was fun to read all the same. It did mean that the writing seemed to be heavily feelings focused, which is why it let down the world building side. Personally, I think that because neither of the writers had written a dystopian action book like this before, they aren’t used to writing the deep, setting based stories. It’s a very different genre from children’s or romance.

Not sure if it’s a trilogy I’m going to follow, I won’t be racing to buy the next book certainly. It was just lacking quite a lot for me, and I only picked it up because of the authors and the premise – which was a let down for me.

Rating: 3 stars

-Personally, Emma

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