Blog chats, chocolate oranges and de-stress

This week, like the many others before it, has just gone by in a complete blur! I feel like we’re hurtling towards Christmas, not that I’m complaining because I love that time of year – but I also have so many assignments due in in December! So I would love for it to not come so quickly.
As I’m writing this blog post, I am also participating in an online blogger chat – which is my first time doing so. Already I’ve made contact with some more bloggers and expanded my network, and it’s a great chat, so I would really recommend checking those sort of things out!


Finished reading:
Eve of Man, by Giovanna and Tom Fletcher.
You can find my book review here!

Currently reading:
Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo
I’ve picked this up again recently because of the tv show news – how exciting was the casting!? I think because I’m reading it on my kindle, it’s a lot easier for me to forget about it than if it was a physical book. I am really enjoying it though!

A Curse so Dark and Lonely, by Brigid Kemmerer
I believe I’m about a third of the way through this now, and I absolutely love the character development and the writing style. I’m finding myself really flowing through this story.


Finished watching:
Peaky Blinders
Let’s just pretend that the new season hasn’t just premiered because I had caught up on it! And I’ve technically finished the seasons that are available on netflix, so this isn’t technically a lie!

I binge watched this within a day because it was just so hooking and heartbreaking. The acting was just superb and I really felt for Marie.

Currently watching:
Peep Show
I wanted something lighthearted and easy to put on in the background while I did uni work, so this is what I’ve got on at the moment!


This week has been slightly more productive for me in terms of blogging, I’m still settling in to my new routine at University so it is still a little bit rocky. I’ve got big plans for the future though on where I would love to see this blog going!

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    i didn’t leave becausei stopped loving youi left because the longer i stayed the lessi loved myself Almost halfway through my favourite poems from Milk and Honey, and I like the simplicity of these pieces. -Personally, Emma

  • Circe, by Madeline Miller

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    My friend bought me this for Christmas, because she’d heard such good things about it and thought it sounded perfect for me. She was right! I love the whole aesthetic of the Greek gods and anything that has powerful women involved – so this story ticked so many boxes for me. I loved being introduced… Read more

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    don’t mistakesalt for sugarif he wants tobe with youhe willit’s that simple -Personally, Emma

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    i alwaysget myselfinto this messi always let himtell me i am beautiful and half believe iti always jump thinking he will catch meat the falli am hopelesslya lover and a dreamer andthat will be thedeath of me This is my second addition to my favourite poems from Milk and Honey, they are only in chronological… Read more

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    My friend bought me this for Christmas because she thought it would be a good read for me. I never usually like poetry at all, but this is a contemporary style that I can relate to and enjoy. Poetry isn’t my thing, so I’m not going to attempt to review it. But the pieces really… Read more

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Each week, undecided on the day as of yet, I will be summarizing my weekly review on what I’ve been learning during my Communications and Public Relations degree at University! I’m in my second year now so the workload has picked up, but I’m thriving off the environment and want to get used to writing more about the current climate of PR.

Thanks for reading, and keep tuned for this weeks posts!

-Personally, Emma

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