Weeks are flying by

Hi guys, is it just me that feels that the weeks are going by so quickly lately? I don’t mind so much (because I love Christmas) but it does mean that my assignment deadlines are getting closer. Anyway, my blog has been progressing really well.


Finished Reading:
Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo: I loved this! Bardugo’s writing is my all time favourite because of the way it flows without ever getting heavy. My review went up yesterday, so check it out if you’ve read it or thinking about it! I can’t wait to read the rest of these books!
A Curse so Dark and Lonely, by Brigid Kemmerer: I literally just finished this this morning, and I have missed that feeling of a book hangover. I cannot wait for the sequel to be released next year, it’s so exciting!

Currently Reading:
Girls of Paper and Fire, by Natasha Ngan: Still buddy reading this with my friend, and loving it. The pace is really picking up now and I love the budding character development of Lei. It’s also so fun to read it with my friend and start fangirling after we’ve read the 5 chapters.

Next to Read:
Furyborn, by Claire Legrand: This is literally waiting by my bed because I can’t wait to get around to it.


Currently Watching:
Brooklyn 99: Just a rewatch – absolutely love it.
Riverdale: I don’t particularly enjoy the show, I like to watch the show so that I can make fun of it and understand the memes.

Finished Watching:
Peep Show: I had tried this before, but could never get into it. This time around I found it highly amusing and loved the quotes from it, it was great to watch in the background.

Next to Watch:
I’m not sure what to watch next, I have so many series on my list to get round to. It’s probably going to be either: Absolutely Fabulous or Mindhunter.


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-Personally, Emma

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