The Ethical Code of Working With Each Other

This week at University we began our plans for our group work, and interestingly our tutor set us the task of compiling a list of 10 rules that we should follow during that time. While creating the list I realised that they were pretty much the standard rules, sometimes unspoken ones, of how we should be communicating with each other in the workplace.

1. Make Sure Everyone Attends Meetings

Of course there will be times when people really can’t attend a meeting because of a doctors appointment, or a funeral for example – but, we should always be doing our best to ensure that we are all present at meetings that involve us.

2. Attend Meetings On Time

It goes without saying that having to wait for someone isn’t the most pleasant of things – that’s not to say that we shouldn’t be considerate of others because people can run late for all matter of reasons. It is the unspoken rule though that if you are running late, be sure to message your team and keep them updated.

3. Make Sure Everyone Has A Chance To Talk

Talking to a group of people can come easily to some, and they don’t worry about sharing their thoughts or creative ideas with the group, but others can be quiet and tend to shy away from talking. The talkative members should be sure to directly ask people their opinions, and ensure that everyone has voiced their opinion.

4. Be Considerate and Polite With Ideas

Following on, when people are talking about their ideas and having a conversation, we should be attentive and listen to what they have to say. Be polite, consider their ideas before dismissing. And be considerate and polite with each other in all circumstances.

5. Ensure That Everyone Has An Equal Workload

It can be easy when working in a group for some people to automatically want to take on lots of work, and for others to scrape by – I can only assume this might be similar in the workplace. It’s only fair to make sure that everyone is pulling their weight and no-one feels unfairly worked.

6. Assign Jobs According To Strengths

It will make life so much easier if the jobs that people take on, are ones that they have good skills for. Work will be done quicker, and most likely to a better standard.

7. Respect Deadlines

When you’re working in a team, they’re not just your deadlines – they’re everyone’s.

8. Deal With Arguments in A Mature Method

I believe that it’s going to be almost impossible to ignore a dispute of some kind when working in close proximity with a group on a project. But it’s what you do to handle that dispute that matters, and it includes being able to put it behind you and move forward.

9. Present Yourself in A Respectable Way

When you’re out meeting a client, you are representing not only yourself but your team – so together you should be showing a united front and look respectable.

10. Listen

I’ve saved perhaps the most important one for last, because no matter what, you should be listening to members of your team. This is regardless of whether that is in meetings or general day to day, because it should be an environment where everyone feels safe and respected.

Of course these were written with group work in mind, but it is clear to see how many of these can be applied to the workplace when you are working with in a team.

-Personally, Emma

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