Concerts of 2019

Blogmas day 4! We’ve made it to the fourth day, so let’s just hope that I can keep it up! This time I want to have a look at the concerts I’ve managed to go to this year.

Panic at the Disco!

I’ve never been to see them before, and I went in March with my friend and I had the most amazing time ever. I actually ended up being quite close to the stage standing and got close to Brendon Urie so that’s my life dream complete! I loved the complete mix of songs that they did, so I got thrown back to some olden goodies and belted out some of their new ones.

It was such a feel good night, every song was a banger and I felt like I was jumping the whole night and could never get my breath. It’s definitely one of my favourite concerts that I’ve been to because I’ve never danced so much at one and felt so carefree and just lived in the moment.

Billie Eilish

Wow. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy the experience because not all of her songs are that *happy*. But her stage presence is just amazing, and she really has so much energy and enthusiasm when she’s performing that it’s just completely contagious. I ended up having an amazing night and felt connected and emotional with most of the songs.

Plus, some of her songs were so good for belting out and the band that was with her really went for it. The live experience of Bad Guy, Strange Addiction – just to mention a few – was so much fun, because of the extended orchestrated sections.

Ariana Grande

I honestly thought that I would never go and see Ariana so when my friend asked if I’d like to go and see her, I jumped for the opportunity. We got standing tickets and ended up being so close to her when she walked past, it was completely emotional being that close to one of my favourite singers. We were so lucky to be second row from the barrier and have such a wirlwind of a night.

The songs that she performed were amazing, and her vocals somehow sound even more amazing when she’s live – I don’t know how that’s possible! She definitely knows how to put on a show, and I feel so lucky to have gone and seen her. It was such a fun night.

Bea Miller

I never thought I’d get to see Bea either, because she’s never done an international show before! I felt so lucky to go to her first ever international show in London and hopefully encourage her to do more shows like this, because she has so many fans over here! I love her powerful, feminist anthems and as a person, I think she is so lovely.

It was great to be able to shout along to some of her body positivity songs and feel empowered, and just let loose and dance to her singing. She was great to go and see because she really connected with the audience as she spoke between each of her songs and really talked to us like fans – not just an audience.


My final one of the year, was my 21st birthday present from my friend, and was a ticket to go and see Sigrid! I love her songs and think that the beat behind her music is so different and I really connect with the meanings behind a lot of her pieces. She is just so talented and seems really cool, that I’ve always wanted to go and see her.

Seeing her live was a great experience. She is really relaxed on the stage, and interacts with the audience so well. Bopping along to Sucker Punch and I Don’t Feel Like Crying was such a fun experience, that I will always remember because I felt like I could just let loose.

All of my concerts this year were seeing new and different artists! Who have you seen this year?

-Personally, Emma

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