Christmas Traditions

I don’t have many traditions, but I have a few that I always have to do each year.

Christmas Eve Chinese

Every year without fail, I always have a Christmas Eve Chinese for my tea. We don’t want to cook the day before Christmas, so it’s nice to just get a takeaway and all sit around together eating it. Bonus points if we’re watching some Christmas film as well.

Real Tree

I always get a real Christmas tree for my house, and usually it’s always from Doddington Hall because I love going into their bauble barn and picking one new bauble each year for the tree!

Christmas Dinner

I know this is probably everyone’s Christmas tradition, but it’s my favourite thing to do in the day – sit around with everyone and have a good dinner of Turkey.


It used to be hung on our bedroom doors, but now it waits for us downstairs with our presents. We don’t put Christmas presents under the tree, but we hide ours until the morning when we exchange.

Grandma’s Christmas Pudding

Each year my Grandma makes Christmas pudding from her own recipe that’s been passed down, and it doesn’t feel like Christmas Day until I’ve had it.


Each Christmas Day morning, we go to the cemetery to see my Gramps and lay down some flowers for him – which has always been a really nice thing to do.

-Personally, Emma

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