January Bujo

I’ve never done bullet journalling before in my life, but really wanted to make this my new years resolution! I love getting organised and making lists, so I thought it was a no brainer to create my own diary for the year. Here are the spreads I’ve made for 2020 and this month.

I love this spread at the start of the journal, I’m hoping that I get to fill it in with places I’ve visited. Of course, I needed one to be able to note down all of the books I’ll be reading this year! I think the bookcase is so cute and I can’t wait to get colouring it.

This is just a bog standard monthly page for the start of January! I really like the writing that I chose for the titles and the layout. I’ll keep my eye out for similar layouts but I do quite like this one.

I knew I needed to have a mood tracker, it’s always one of my favourite pages to look at when I view other people’s journals. For me, it’s a great way to make sure that every day I look at my mood and see how I was feeling – and then I can see how my mood changes.

Here are some of the weeks that I’ve done for January! I’ve tried to do multiple ones for January so that I can see which one’s I like and then use them for other months in the future. I’m going for a minimal look because I’m not as artistic and creative as other people, and also because I want it to be more functional.

I haven’t got round to this page yet clearly, but I’m looking forward to filling out this spread at the end of the month! Again for me, it’s all about seeing what’s working for me and making sure that I’m looking after myself and being aware of the positives of the month.

Have any of you got a bullet journal?

-Personally, Emma

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