I watched Little Women!

This post was meant to be a little review on Little Women – which I thoroughly enjoyed – but will probably just turn into a Saoirse Ronan rant. I think she’s an absolutely amazing actress, and she was fantastic as Jo. She really brought the character to life, a character that I have been reading and loving ever since I was little, and she was just how I wanted to see her.

Greta Gerwig’s re-imagining of Little Women was beautiful in every way, but especially the way she perfectly represented the girls. All of the sisters came to life and the relationships between them all felt like I was in the book because of how great it was. This was definitely the best depiction of Amy and Jo’s relationship, even though I have grown up not liking Amy because of how bratty I thought she was, it showed that they are so similar and headstrong that they clash.

The ending was also a great play on the true feelings of Louisa May Alcott, when we see Jo battling with the editor to leave her main character – of Little Women – unmarried. I found it so funny and heartbreaking when the editor turned around and asked why the main character wasn’t marrying her best friend neighbour, echoing the feelings of my teen self. I also liked the way that Gerwig went back and forth in time to show the journey and character development throughout the film. Personally, I think it really worked to show the progression of their lives and it was great seeing the juxtaposition of childhood and adulthood.

I really loved this adaptation and film, so it gets a full 5 stars from me. I will watch anything that has Saoirse in anyway. But still, such a great film.

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