PR moments of the Last Decade

While I’ve only been studying PR for the last two years, we’ve recently entered into a new decade and it is interesting to see what moments are on the top of people’s minds. For me, these are some of the biggest things that have happened with some thanks going to PR.

It was such a huge PR moment when this widespread movement caused new concerns for organisations to address and to actively look at how we should conduct ourselves around allegations.
Not only that, but the campaign itself was a great use of social media and PR techniques that helped it to completely blow up online.

Social Media
With the rise of using online technologies, it means that when a company does something wrong, it has the potential to be spread around so much quicker and become harder for a company to deal with.
I had never heard of this before, but in 2009 (just misses out on the decade, but just goes to show the damage that social media could cause as we entered the decade) Domino’s had a YouTube scandal in which two of its American employees filmed themselves doing things to food before it was sent out. Needless to say, it spread like wildfire and damaged the reputation of the company, when they failed to address it until 2 days afterwards.

Ice Bucket Challenge
This challenge was a great and innovative way to get the nation to raise money and awareness for ALS. The campaign managed to get politicians, celebrities and even myself involved – it opened up a whole new door of how PR practitioners could use social media to their advantage to come up with unique ways to spread their message.

Fyre Festival
Clearly not a good example of what PR has achieved this past year, but just completely unbelievable to learn about.

Those are my top memorable PR moments of the last decade, both good and bad – showing what PR can do when used correctly, and how it can set people up to fail as well.

-personally, Emma

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