Ambush Marketing Plan

In my second year at University, I undertook a Campaign Components and Structures module in which we learnt different and unique elements to putting a campaign together. The assignments encouraged us to be creative in designing a leaflet, putting together a press conference and writing an ambush marketing pitch. The latter earned me 85 marks, which is one of the highest pieces I have received back.

In this piece of work I was given a pitch of a new energy drink and was asked to think creatively in order to ambush another company and gain media coverage. My idea was called “genius” by my tutor – you can read it below.

Ambush marketing brief for Friz!

News story or event you are “ambushing”:

  • Grenade launch of a new energy drink titled “Grenade Energy” at Protein Gallery, Shoreditch.
  • We plan to host a Zumba event at the gym next door called Frame and have members of staff stood outside with signs promoting the event by Friz! and POS.  

How this aligns with brand values, imagery, customers etc.:

  • Our brand values are focused on health and convenience for customers.
  • Customers of our brand are health and fitness conscious, so this event will link our drink with the fitness approach.
  • Our product uses bright colours and is designed to be eye-catching and Frame has a similar approach to the design of their gym, so the connection makes sense

How this will benefit the brand:

  • We can generate images from the event for our website and social media.
  • We can use the event to get media coverage from energy drink bloggers and the media.

Elevator pitch to executives:

  • We need to establish ourselves in a competitive industry for energy drinks, so we propose a distractive event held at the same time Grenade tries to launch into the industry in London. This will get the message across that we are loud, fun and have more energy in front of media and food and drink bloggers.

Our “elevator pitch” to journalists:

  • We’re holding a loud energy-filled Zumba session at 9pm on Friday 6 December at Frame in Shoreditch, it’s the building next to Protein Gallery where Grenade will be holding a quiet, intimate event to launch their new energy drink.

Potential risks:

  • There is the risk that it backfires on us as the Grenade brand is already well-known for its health orientated products.
  • There is the risk that we do not get any coverage as it isn’t made obvious enough it’s our event.

Any ethical or regulatory considerations:

  • If we plan on making a lot of noise to create a distraction, we could risk getting noise complaints from other buildings too.
  • We have the regulations of Frame to consider with the event as well.

Success or failure criteria:

  • That we gain coverage in the media with our logo and product featured.
  • That we create social media coverage from the Zumba session that resonates with our consumers.

The headers for the pitch were provided by the tutor, as was the product idea Friz!, but the rest of the research was provided by myself.

This assignment encouraged me to think outside of my comfort zone and do research into an area that I had no prior knowledge about. It also reinforced the importance of brand values and design in the module and I learnt a different area of campaign planning.

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