February Bullet Journal

My second month of organising a bullet journal, and I’ve decided to go with a space theme! My friend bought me some lovely space themed stickers, and I just knew that I would have to use them at some point. I’m really quite happy with the way this month turned out, and I think I’ve found my ultimate favourite weekly spread!

I found inspiration for my cover page on pinterest and tried to draw some planets and stars on the month page, with a relevant quote facing it. I really like how the quote turned out, plus it reminds me of the Last Christmas movie which I really loved.

I’m not a fan of the monthly layout pages, because I never use them. So this month I decided to keep it nice and simple and just write down some key dates for the month so that I remember when birthdays and everything are happening.

The monthly tracker page is probably my favourite page ever that I have done so far. I love the little detail I’ve drawn on the side and the use of washi tapes – my collection is getting ever so slightly out of hand now – but mainly I just love the layout of the graphs and how cool it looks when I fill it in. I put sleep and mood together so I can see if my sleep patterns affect the mood I’m in, and the red graph analyses my stress levels.

This is my new design for the weekly spread! I really enjoyed having a play around with the false dutch door and spreading a week over 2 pages really helped me because I can have a lot going on. The design meant that I can view my meal planner on all days without having to change pages, and it helps to make the overall effect less cluttered.

Those are my main pages for this month, I have yet to design the monthly review at the end but will show that when I have! I think I’ve got a lot more creative this month, thanks to elements like the stickers from my friend and buying alphabet stamps which really help to bring the whole look together.

Have you got a bullet journal? What’s your February theme like?

-Personally, Emma

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