Mathilda, by Mary Shelley

Book Review

Book: Mathilda
Author: Mary Shelley
Year: 1959
Page Count: 109
Synopsis: “Mary Shelley’s Matilda – suppressed for over a century – tells the story of a woman alienated from society by the incestuous passion of her father.”

I’d never heard of this book before, which is surprising considering how famous Mary Shelley is and how much I love Frankenstein. It seemed like a short novella to flick through, so I bought it at a charity shop.

It had all the things that I love about her writing, the dark and mysterious themes running throughout. The attention to detail that was given to nature and the healing effects that the outdoors can have on a person, was a great addition to the story too.

The actual story was so bizarre and it was no wonder that her Father didn’t want her to publish it. I gave the book 3 stars, because while I wasn’t a fan of the plot of the piece, it made me too uncomfortable – her writing really was incredible and she has a talent of drawing you into her stories. I could never tire of reading anything she wrote.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

5 thoughts on “Mathilda, by Mary Shelley

  1. Wow, I actually didn’t know Mary Shelley had written anything besides ‘Frankenstein.’ Is this pure fiction or is it supposed to be semi-autobiographical? I see why her dad might be uncomfortable about it either way but especially if it’s supposed to have some truth to it.

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