Circe, by Madeline Miller

My friend bought me this for Christmas, because she’d heard such good things about it and thought it sounded perfect for me. She was right!

I love the whole aesthetic of the Greek gods and anything that has powerful women involved – so this story ticked so many boxes for me. I loved being introduced to Circe and her story, and then recognizing all the other Gods when they were mentioned. I especially loved Hermes, as the depiction was exactly how I’d imagined his character to be. The characterisation was mainly focused on Circe, and it was only her story that we saw beginning to end and how that affected her arc.

It was great to see her thoughts on humanity, and the difference between Gods and Mortals – her inner sarcastic monologue was great. By the end of the book I loved her character and felt a connection to her and everything she went through. I especially liked how aware of herself she was, and how she grew in confidence in herself.

I really enjoyed the overall story-line, I am a sucker for a story about a young woman who finds her way and her confidence. It picked up towards the end, and I preferred the story after she had her son because that was when I couldn’t put it down, as more seemed to be happening. The rest of the book is quite slow in comparison, and not much happens, but that’s because it’s a slow burner.

Madeline’s writing style is so sophisticated and it flows so well, that I was captivated by every sentence that she wrote. Every line was so detailed and full of meaning, that it was a literal joy to read her work.

Everything about the book was amazing, the relationships and character building, Circe herself. It felt so wonderfully feminist with how she found herself and was so aware of what all the relationships in her life meant. It was really refreshing to read a female-orientated coming of age book, that covered relationships and everything.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

-Personally, Emma

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