Wilde Like Me, by Louise Pentland

I actually started reading this while I was at the hairdressers, because I’d forgotten to take a physical book with me so I started this on my phone.

It’s not my type of book really, so I wasn’t expecting to be amazed with it – I just wanted something light and fluffy to break up the heavy ones I’ve been reading. It did that trick for me, but it wasn’t a very good book.

The writing isn’t anything spectacular, it just does the job really. The main standout point of the book is the story, it’s quite nice to read another story that ends with the woman finding herself, and knowing by the end that she can give herself the support she’s been looking for from everyone else.

It also has some nice heartwarming moments where she learns that some of the nasty comments that she worries people are thinking about her, are only in her head. She also learns that everyone has problems and hidden insecurities, not just her, and everyone is fighting their own battles. It was quite nice to hear a realistic description of “The Darkness” – her own way of naming the depressive pit she ends up in. It made me feel seen and understood to read something that I can relate to.

There were many more things that I had a problem with. The main character was very dull and annoying most of the time, but I think that was down to the writing. I also really didn’t like the colloquial language, I have such a pet peeve with authors who write “HaHa” in a book. Louise has a long way to go in my opinion, to perfecting being a author because it read like a loosely thought out and written fanfiction.

I won’t be reading anymore of her books, but if you’re after a loose, fluffy read then maybe you’ll like it.

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