What I’ve learnt about myself

Living by myself during a pandemic lock-down is certainly not what I’d expected a month after settling into my own place. It certainly has meant that I’ve learnt a lot about myself and my habits, but that’s not to say that it hasn’t been a struggle. I was really looking forward to getting my own independence, and having my own place to look after and come home to after work. I was not expecting this!

There’s a number of things that I’ve learnt about myself in these new circumstances however:

  • I can be a bit of a slob.
    It does not take long for me to have such a messy house, especially as I know that there’s no-one around to judge me or anyone visiting.
  • I also love cleaning.
    Even though I live like a slob, I also enjoy the cleaning that comes afterwards, it’s so therapeutic.
  • I need a different place to do Uni work.
    I never realised that I would find it so hard to do my university work when forced to stay at home and do it. I just want a coffee shop somewhere to do it!
  • I’m such a lazy eater.
    It’s so easy for me to stick a bunch of things in the oven, I need to start learning how to cook myself proper good meals.
  • I can sleep anywhere any time.
    Doing 2am shifts at work has meant that my sleeping pattern is all over the place, but I’ve learnt that I can literally nap whenever, I just need to close my eyes.
  • It’s easy to get lonely.
    As much as I love my own company, and I really enjoy living on my own, it is easy to get lonely on some of the quiet evenings.
  • I love flowers.
    I didn’t realise that I had such a love for flowers and plants around the house, but it’s my favourite thing bringing them home from work.

I’m still learning things about myself and getting used to my own place, it’s a great solo adventure so far.

-Personally, Emma

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