Keeping in touch with friends

One thing I’ve learnt for certain over this lockdown, is that if it weren’t for keeping in touch with my friends daily, I would have gone mad by now. I live on my own so I am severely lacking in social interaction, but have found that there are so many ways to keep in touch even when you’re apart. So many that I’ve decided to make a list below of ideas!

Online Quizzes

Of course, this is ridiculously popular at the moment, and everyone seems to be doing them, but there’s a reason for that! Me and my friends create 3 rounds each, pick an evening, pick a dress theme, get some alcohol and we end up being on there for hours with each other. One of the themes we pick, is an “about me” round each and it’s so funny picking obscure questions that the others don’t know.


This app is so much fun, it’s really easy to connect with friends on it and there’s so many games that you can all play together. My personal favourite is the drawing game, because I am absolutely awful at it which provides a lot of laughs. It works in the same way as FaceTime or Skype, and just means that you are able to see your friends whenever you want!

Digital Booze Up

I’ve just been invited to a digital booze up, and I am really excited about it! We’ve made the plan because we know it may be a while before we can all be together and go to a pub, so we’re just going to do it digitally instead. I’m not sure how this will work, but I’m hoping it’s still going to be fun with all my friends!

Group Chats

A simple one, but it’s a good idea to use the group chats that you have created to keep in touch with everyone. My work group is always putting memes in or weird obscure pieces of knowledge which just makes the days go quicker, and it’s great having a support system to go to straight away when you need them.

Create Plans

While you don’t want to get too ahead of yourself when there isn’t much we can do at the moment, it is fun to create some plans of what you want to do when lockdown is lifted! Me and my friends know that we want to plan a shopping trip, and a party at my house – so when we feel down, we come up with extra ideas and talk about how great it will be. This isn’t going to last forever.


Netflix and chill parties are so much fun! It’s really easy to connect with people on it, and it’s such a great way to watch films and series together. There’s something really social about it, the hardest thing is just trying to pick something you all want to watch!


It’s so nice to receive letters and send them – it feels so wholesome! While staying in touch over the internet is faster and is the easier option, sending a letter can really show how much you care because of the thought that you put into it.

Start a Book Club

Lastly, I have to finish on this! Reading appears to be an individual activity, and it mostly is, but it can also be really fun to pick a book between you all. Once you’ve read it, it’s great to bounce ideas off of each other and see what you all thought! Me and my friend found we were constantly messaging each other about certain points and gossiping about characters.

However you keep in touch, I hope you’re all safe and reaching out to family and friends.

-personally, Emma

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