Weekly update

I’m making my way through ‘Am I Normal Yet, by Holly Bourne’ and I really am falling in love with her writing the more I read it. She has a way of capturing a characters voice and making you feel so connected and immersed in their life. I am so invested in what is going to happen to Evie – I am so close to finishing the book and I just need her to be okay. I can’t wait to move on to the rest of the series afterwards.

Criminal Minds
I’m on season 4 now, so I’m still a long way from finishing the series – but I am hooked!! Occasionally, the episodes are really dark and disturbing so they really do shock me sometimes. Apart from that, it is so interesting to get insights into the mindsets of serial killers and watch something that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s so intense, and I really enjoy the thrill of watching something that makes you think and feel everything.

I’ve actually stuck to my routine this week, so I’m really happy that I’ve managed to start posting on here more routinely! I’d also like to start getting some more posts up about self care and mental health, with mental health awareness week coming up!

Order from McDonald’s

Just a quick post this week to highlight something that Burger King put on to their social media accounts last week. I thought it was a creative post that added to their social media personality and viewpoint. Going into a second lockdown, this move from Burger King highlights them as being the “good guys” of…

This past week felt like it went really slowly, I haven’t really done much! My exam is tomorrow so I’m slightly nervous for it, but I also know that I am prepared and that once it’s done, second year will be all done with! Which is both exciting and slightly daunting too.
I’ve put some money aside into my savings, and I plan to spend some of it on new furniture for the house. It’s really exciting to plan how I can design it and use one of my many notebooks, to create plans and lists.

-Personally, Emma

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