BUJO pages

I haven’t posted the past few months I designed because I haven’t been that happy with how my pages turned out. I was so busy, that it was more of a case of just having some pages done so that I could write my plans rather than making them look pretty! That being said, there are some pages that I was quite happy with so I thought I would share them.

I prefer to keep the designs of the pages lowkey and minimalist – mainly because that’s the sort of design I like, but it also means I don’t have to stretch myself artistically! I also like a little bit of washi tape as well. My theme for March was mostly colour based, I liked the use of lilacs and purples. I also don’t use a ruler, so my lines look quite sloppy at times – but again, it’s just because I want it to look rustic and natural, and it’s just quick to draw as well.

All of my month themes start with a cover page and an inspirational quote – it’s one of my favourite things to do, picking one out for each month. Clearly, my drawings aren’t top artistic quality – but I wanted to create a theme that links with what April is like for me. These little drawings continued on to the next weekly spreads. It’s not one of my favourite monthly spreads as I designed it quickly and didn’t put a lot of care and attention into doing it, but I guess I’m still a little bit happy with how it turned out.

I usually turn to flowers for my theme, because I like drawing them and find them quite relaxing. The lightbulb I thought was quite a unique and cute addition to the page as well. Once again, my themes usually revolve around colours so this month I’ve focused on pinks and reds. I’ve been so busy and tired that this month I just wanted to keep it simple and easy to draw, which is why it appears so plain and minimalist.

Have any of you got a bullet journal and like sharing pages?

-Personally, Emma

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