I cannot believe how quickly May has gone by, yet again I feel as though I’ve missed out on doing so much – but I know that I’m not the only one, and I know I should be counting myself lucky.

The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper, by Hallie Rubenhold.

What’s a girl gotta do?, by Holly Bourne.

Am I normal yet, by Holly Bourne.

How hard can love be? by Holly Bourne.

I’m really happy with the books that I’ve read this month, and I’m currently reading A Heart So Fierce and Broken and I am loving it! I know that 4 books a month isn’t a lot by some people’s standards, but it’s just above average for me and with me still working every day – I’m happy with it.

I did a blog post about what I was watching at the start of the month, and it hasn’t really changed for me! I’m still making my way through Criminal Minds and it has a lot of seasons, so while I’m getting there – it is taking a while! I’m absolutely loving it though! If anyone enjoys TV shows about crime and serial killers that have tense episodes, you’ll love this.

This month I’ve really gotten into the swing of things again. I’m happy with the amount of posts I’ve been able to get up, which has also been helped with my reading as well! With Mental Health Awareness Week I managed to write a few tailored to that, including one on my own personal story.

These are my most recent ones to check out:

Order from McDonald’s

Just a quick post this week to highlight something that Burger King put on to their social media accounts last week. I thought it was a creative post that added to their social media personality and viewpoint. Going into a second lockdown, this move from Burger King highlights them as being the “good guys” of…

This month I think I’ve managed to get a lot achieved in lockdown! I’ve finally gotten around to unpacking the last of my boxes and I bought paint testers for the two bedrooms. I’ve been using my house notebook to make lists of things that need doing, and drawing out designs for how I want rooms to look. It’s been keeping me busy, and there’s nothing more exciting than ordering new furniture!

I’ve also been working a lot so my paycheck is over double what I usually get! A lot has gone into my savings (and some spent on new furniture) but I’ve been planning a dream USA holiday that I’d like to take once I’ve graduated. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it or go to all the places I’d like, but it’s just nice to read up on some places and dream a little.

I’m looking forward to June, now that I know I can see more people as restrictions are being lifted. Living on my own during this has been tough, so it’ll be nice to see people again.

Hope you’re all keeping safe, and had a good May!

-Personally, Emma

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