What makes me pick up a book tag

Hello everyone! Last week was very quiet on here, so I thought I would start this week off with a good old book tag! I wasn’t tagged to do this, but below you’ll find the credits from where I found it and the original creator. I haven’t tagged anyone so feel free to give it a go if you like the look of it!

1.Do you judge a book by its cover?

I do sometimes! It can be what draws my attention to it in the first place, because I think it’s a great way of representing what the book is about. If I like the cover and the symbols on it, then I’m most likely going to like the theme of the book. It’s just a great way of presenting the book in design form basically, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read books that don’t have an attractive cover.

2. Focusing on just the cover, what attracts you to pick it up?

My favourite designs are ones that focus on the carnival themes – like Caraval and the Night Circus. I think those designs are usually really pretty and intricate. Apart from that I really love ones that have gold foil or sprayed pages! I’m attracted to pick it up when it has a really intricate design, or something different that stands out.

3. Do you read the synopsis first, or do you prefer to go in knowing nothing about the book?

I always read the blurb first before I buy the book because I need to make sure that I will enjoy it. If it’s a sequel, I don’t read the blurb because I don’t want any spoilers at all! In that case, it’s pretty much certain that I will like it if I’ve come back for the next one. After I’ve bought a book and I’m about to read it, I don’t read the blurb again because I like to read it not knowing what’s going to happen.

4. Do you have any auto-buy authors?

My top ones are: Leigh Bardugo, Julie C Dao, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Claire Legrand and Stephanie Garber. I often forget about following certain authors but I try to keep on top of what these ones are doing so I can get their books.

5. Are you more likely to buy a book if it has specific elements / themes?

I have favourite themes that make me more inclined to buy the book, like carnival themes! I also like other types of fantasy and magical – and then contemporary young adult books too. So yes, I am more likely to buy a book if it has specific themes in it because I know that’s what I like! I’m really attracted to books that include strong women characters, or include hidden secrets and mysteries. I also love crime books because I love reading a plot that takes me on twists and turns and encourages me to work out the end.

6. Do you ever read a book that has generally negative reviews just to form your own opinion on it?

I don’t actually tend to read reviews before I read a book, so I think it would be accidental if I ever did that. The only time I get influenced by reviews is if I see a book on bookstagram or on twitter with readers raving about the book, and that would encourage me to read it. I tend to read reviews after I’ve read the book to see if other readers have felt the same as me.

7. Do you ever buy a book just because another booktuber/blogger has talked about it a lot?


8. Is there anyone who’s book recommendations you always trust?

My friends, I always go to them on books they’ve read recently – especially as they like the same themes as me. I also tend to look to other authors for similar books as well. In general, there are a few bookstagrammers that frequent my instagram feed so I listen to their feedback on what they’ve read recently.

I found this tag over at The Strawberry Post, and they credit the owner as Charlotte a booktuber at Wonderfully Bookish.

-Personally, Emma

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