I’m back!

I took an unexpected break from blogging recently, as I found it hard to keep on top of posting and was running out of inspiration. Not only that, but it was my birthday yesterday so I’ve taken time off work as well to reconnect with myself.

I’ve had a couple of weeks of seeing friends and socialising again, and also remembering to make time for myself. I’ve found new artists and bands to listen to, I’ve watched new shows and I’m slowly getting myself out of my reading slump. I missed out on the self-discovery and relaxing time everyone seemed to have at the start of lockdown, as I was working full-time and trying to finish second year at University. So I’m claiming that time now! It’s been great, not having to rush out of bed to get to work for 2/4 am and just be able to do all of the stuff I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

I’ll be back at work on Friday, and I’ll soon be back to my usual life routine after a much needed break – which means that I’ll be posting on here regularly too.

I’ve been reading some really interesting bits recently, so I can’t wait to get reviews written and to start updating my blog more over the summer.

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