My final year

All summer I’ve been waiting to get back to Uni, this year is my final year and I can’t believe it’s come round this quickly, but I also can’t believe how different this year is going to be from the others.

Like everyone else going back to University, my teaching has been blended so that I attend lectures online, and go onto campus for a few seminars. I’m now in week three, so tutors and students alike have had time to adjust and get their heads around what this year will be like.

I’ve found easing into the online lectures easy enough, it’s nice being able to attend a 9am from the comfort of my own bed! Although my focus and attention is easily distracted which means that at times I find myself zoning out and I know that I need to find a better way to stay on track. I went onto campus last week for the first time for a couple of seminars, and I was surprised with how much I’d missed it. There were only 4 of us attending that seminar, but it was so nice to see familiar faces and get the experience of just being in Uni.

Today I attended 3 lectures online and realised how much I miss the experience of Uni. I miss meeting my friends before the lecture and heading down, grabbing a coffee on the way, I miss learning directly from my tutors and being able to chat with them, I miss walking through campus afterwards and contemplating stopping at the pub with my friends for drinks after. It is completely different holding lectures online, but I’m grateful that my tutors have put a lot of time into making sure that they run as smoothly as they can, and we still get the same material and support.

This year I’m doing my dissertation and I’m finding it hard being unable to pop into my supervisors office to have a quick chat. However I am appreciative of how quick he responds to emails, and how he always offers to do video calls to answer any of my queries.

This year is going to be an odd one without being able to interact all the time with tutors and other students, but it has got off to a positive start – the odd technology glitch aside – and i’m still excited to finish off this year strongly. I just hope that nothing changes too much and I can still attend in person seminars, and have meetings for my dissertation.

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