Order from McDonald’s


Just a quick post this week to highlight something that Burger King put on to their social media accounts last week. I thought it was a creative post that added to their social media personality and viewpoint.

Going into a second lockdown, this move from Burger King highlights them as being the “good guys” of fast food. They are the ones who are reaching out and trying to form solidarity among the hospitality industry and pushing for people to continue eating with their competitors – so that the industry can still flourish.

It’s an ingenious way to add to Burger King’s brand personality – showing them to be the nice and friendly ones, with an approachable tone and an easygoing attitude. Really clever way to highlight their stance and get a quick reaction off people on social media and get some media responses. The comment comes across as sincere and heartfelt, while also providing them with some coverage as they go into a lockdown.

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